Business/Commercial Law

Whether you are starting a new organization or running an established business, The Medina Law Practice, PLLC may be able to help you start, build, grow, or restructure your organization on solid legal footing.

Following are some of the Business and Commercial Law services the firm provides:

• New company, business, or entity formation or incorporation;

• Contracts: negotiation, drafting, review, or breach;

• Deal-Making, including Mergers & Acquisitions and Joint Ventures: from initial contact and due diligence to formalized written agreement and closing;

• Negotiations Facilitation;

• Partnership and Operating Agreements;

• Business or organization document drafting, review, or filing;

• Employment Agreements;

• Dispute or Conflict Resolution;

• Streamlined Business Process and Operations design and restructuring;

• Corporate Governance;

• Real Estate Leases; and

• General legal advice for businesses.

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